Crystals are MAGICAL ✨

We believe in the power of nature, we believe crystals are closely connected with nature and made with empowering energy to amplify the space around you. Hence, we believe in incorporating crystals into YOUR beauty routine for the ultimate self care ritual and routine.

Crystals meet FACTS. ⚡️ (backed by nature of course.)

Minerals found in crystals may help soothe, firm and tone skin. Many crystals are filled with antioxidants and antibacterial properties to promote healthy skin alongside good vibrations giving you the ultimate selfcare treatment to treat your skin and manifest your energy. Crystals have been used for thousands of years in ancient ritual and self-care methods to promote spiritual, emotional, and forms of medicine to cure and align the bodies chakras. Crystals act as a power hold to your body to allow the flow of positive energy eliminating negative energies. They work by channeling your energy while harnessing the energy of the sun, moon and earth. Crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans, giving us a natural, healing relationship with them.

  • sapphire

    Sapphire is good for releasing depression, confusion and balance. This crystal is often used to align yourself with serenity and peace. 

    chakras: crown, third eye, heart, sacral

    zodiac: gemini, cancer, leo, libra, virgo

    planet: earth, mars, saturn

    element: fire, water, wind

  • amethyst

    Amethyst is a protective stone. Amethyst is often used in meditation for balance, clarity, protection, peace and intuition. Amethyst is the birth stone for Aqaurius.

    chakras: crown

    zodiac: aries, pisces, aquarius

    planet: jupiter

    element: air

  • angel aura quartz

    Part of the quartz family, Angel Aura Quartz is a powerful master healer. This crystal is good to soothe and cleanse and create happy energies. 

    chakras: crown, heart

    zodiac: aries, capricorn

    planet: moon, sun

    element: air

  • moonstone

    Moonstone is very close to the moon. This is a calming crystal and used for inner strength, femininity, good fortune and inspiration. 

    chakras: third eye, solar

    zodiac: libra, scorpio, cancer

    planet: moon

    element: water

  • red garnet

    A rich stone of courage and sexual energy, giving you the ultimate self-confidence boost. Can keep you off an emotional rollercoaster and balance emotions. 

    chakras: heart, solar, root

    zodiac: aries, leo, virgo

    planet: mars, saturn

    element: fire

  • rose quartz

    Rose quartz, the universal stone of love and girl power, our fave. This is used for confidence, femininity and trust. Great for relationship imbalances. 

    chakras: heart

    zodiac: taurus, libra, scorpio

    planet: venus

    element: water

  • jasper

    The perfect crystal for compassion and growth. Protection and absorbs negative energies.

    chakras: throat, root

    zodiac: scorpio, leo, virgo

    planet: mars

    element: fire

  • citrine

    The beautiful stone of energy, citrine is used for prosperity and happiness. Cleanse and attract wealth, success and happiness. 

    chakras: crown, solar, sacral

    zodiac: aries, leo, gemini

    planet: jupiter

    element: air

  • blue calcite

    Perfect for your mental, calming and soothing. Good for level headed communication.

    chakras: third eye, throat

    zodiac: cancer

    planet: mercury, venus

    element: fire, wind

  • desert rose selenite

    A form of Selenite, for meditation and spiritual grounding. Perfect to charge and cleanse other crystals.

    chakras: solar

    zodiac: n/a

    planet: earth

    element: earth, water, wind

  • rhodonite

    The stone of love, fully clear and activate your heart. Vibrate energies towards self love strengthen your weaknesses.

    chakras: heart, root

    zodiac: taurus, leo, sagittarius

    planet: mars

    element: fire, earth

  • rhodochrosite

    Rare and symbolic, helps to let go and focus on loving and putting your best self first.

    chakras: heart, solar

    zodiac: scorpio, leo

    planet: mars

    element: fire, water

We want the best 4 YOU.

Our crystals are ethically sourced and hand picked with good intentions to amplify positive energy for both your mind and skin. Amethyst sourced from Brazil, Red Garnet sourced from West Africa, Sapphire sourced from Madagascar - our crystals are sourced from around the world with you in mind. What's better than having the benefits of crystal healing close to your body and in your skincare routine? 💫